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Regis University @ Denver University – final score 34-27

(Unranked) Regis 34 – (#5) Denver University 27

At the start of the season Regis was ranked last in a very strong NSCO region that includes ranked Denver University (#5), the New Mexico Vatos (#12) and UNC (#20).

Half way through the season things are different. At 5-0 and 2-0 in conference play, they are hoping those rankings change.

This is a tough Regis pack. In a tough match, the Regis forwards once again led them to victory and our backs were dominant.

DU is a bigger team. Their defensive and offensive setup is very good. Regis held fairly strong thanks to good tough low tackling. The second half was a testament to this great tackling.

The scrums were very even with DU dominating at the end. DU is a good scrumming team.

The above said, the game was closer than it should have been and played tougher than it should have been in the last 15 minutes of the game. Regis forced the ball, gave away too many penalties, lost our focus… Rather than slow the game down, Regis tried to open the game up. Bad decisions were made bad decisions that fortunately for Regis didn’t change the game. But it almost did… DU fought back valiantly and almost took the game from Regis in the end.

This Regis team has shown that is has something to prove.

Legends of the game:
Forwards – Wolf, Brendan, and the rest of the pack (except Jared because he had the ball stripped more than once (bad))
Backs – Ian, Muff

Final Score – Regis 34 – DU 27

Regis University @ UNC – final score 72-7

Starting 15- Cameron Amador, Patrick Hewitt, John St. Louis, Brendan Niland, Timmy Lynch, Jared Clements, Alex Yniguez, Rae Gill, Donovan Ronan, Matt Huff, Angel Mendez, Clayton Anderson, Andrew Hoy, Ian Brown, Beau Vrbas. (Bold indicates player was substituted out during match)

Reserves: Mark Huston, Kevin Kohmann, Brien Campbell, Max Weaver, Vic Gausepohl, Cody Hutchinson, Tom Walrod, Brayan Rodriguez. (Bold indicates reserve was substituted into match)

After a lengthy pre-season, with multiple home matches, Regis opened the season on the road to start their 2016 season. Regis is new to NSCRO, but the opponent is a familiar one, especially for all 3 coaches. UNC’s field was pristine, and the weather was perfect for rugby. Regis kicked off the match, and stole the ball in the air, but unfortunately was offside on kickoff. This did not stop Regis from quickly getting the ball back and getting the first try of the match, and a good conversion gave Regis a quick 7-0 lead and confidence. UNC was quick to get a break by their fly-half and get a try of his own, and with the score under the posts, the game was starting with quick strikes. Regis settled into their game with the forwards showing terrific effort in their support of each other and when the backline broke through. Donovan Ronan mastered the chemistry between quick forward ball, and spinning the ball wide to the backs. The ball was often so quick that Regis earned two penalty try’s. UNC was often caught deep when they did have the ball and had to resort to kicking, which allowed for Ian Brown and Angel Mendez to counter attack with speed and make back most of the meters gained from the kick. The rest of the match was all Regis, with only a few breaks into Regis territory by UNC, primarily by their 13, who is a tough runner and often required multiple tacklers. Regis was able to maintain possession on a majority of their set pieces, and limited their penalty count, which made a big difference in time of possession. Overall this match was dominated by the Regis forwards, and after they broke the gain line multiple times, Donovan would send the ball wide to the backs, which were able to convert the open space into try’s with regularity.

End of Season Report

Well… our season ended with a win against Colorado College. Overall, Regis University Rugby finished the 2015 season with 2 wins and 4 losses.

The goal for this club is to win the conference, and move on to the national championship playoffs. Although improvement can be seen, it is disappointing to finish a season with a losing record. The positives include the team sticking with me (their new coach) and sticking with themselves through through the good times and the tough times.

The season was not all successes, and the boys began to build character and maturity as the season progressed. Our forward pack improved their breakdown play and their scummaging. There is still plenty of improvement to be found.

The backs also progressed throughout the season. After losing Tommy in the second game of the season, one of only three seniors and our starting fly-half, it took a while to gain stability and fluidity in the back-line. We finally saw it in the last game of the season.

The standouts in the forward pack were Jarryd, Cameron, Wolf, Brendan and Tim. The standouts in the backs included Tommy, Chips, Clayton and Beau.

Next semester will consist on non-regular season games. We will look to grow the team and further develop the maturity of the many young players.