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Regis University @ Denver University – final score 34-27

(Unranked) Regis 34 – (#5) Denver University 27

At the start of the season Regis was ranked last in a very strong NSCO region that includes ranked Denver University (#5), the New Mexico Vatos (#12) and UNC (#20).

Half way through the season things are different. At 5-0 and 2-0 in conference play, they are hoping those rankings change.

This is a tough Regis pack. In a tough match, the Regis forwards once again led them to victory and our backs were dominant.

DU is a bigger team. Their defensive and offensive setup is very good. Regis held fairly strong thanks to good tough low tackling. The second half was a testament to this great tackling.

The scrums were very even with DU dominating at the end. DU is a good scrumming team.

The above said, the game was closer than it should have been and played tougher than it should have been in the last 15 minutes of the game. Regis forced the ball, gave away too many penalties, lost our focus… Rather than slow the game down, Regis tried to open the game up. Bad decisions were made bad decisions that fortunately for Regis didn’t change the game. But it almost did… DU fought back valiantly and almost took the game from Regis in the end.

This Regis team has shown that is has something to prove.

Legends of the game:
Forwards – Wolf, Brendan, and the rest of the pack (except Jared because he had the ball stripped more than once (bad))
Backs – Ian, Muff

Final Score – Regis 34 – DU 27